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 John Sanderson Application of Employment

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John Sanderson

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PostSubject: John Sanderson Application of Employment   Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:03 am

Personal Section

First Name:John
Middle Name:N/A
Phone Number:Seven, Three, Seven, Three, Five, Five
Address:5 Grove Street
Criminal Record, If any. (Lying about this will result in immediate denial of your application. Do not include minor traffic offences.): None
Current/Previous Employment: Taxi Driver
Reference of Employment and their contact details:Steven Ramos - Unknown Number
Do you have a valid drivers license?: Yes
Do you posses any other licenses?:Motorcycle


Why do you want to work for the company?I want to work for the company because I want to ensure all the paperwork is in the correct sections.

What position do you want?

[]Tow Truck Driver
[]Designs Worker
[]Office Worker
[]Investigations Worker

Positions not ready yet:
[]Construction Worker
[]Parking Authority
[]Buildings & Maintenance Worker
[]Race Car Driver
[]Marijuana Dispensary Worker
[]Sound Festival & Events Worker
[]Auction House Worker
[]Real Estates Agent
[]Filiming & Photography Worker
[]Insurance Agent
[]Dealership Worker
[]Landscape Worker
[]Logistics Worker

Why do you want to work for that position?Because I can

OOC Section

Owlforums Name:Robingamerz15

Screenshot of history (/history):Not Avaliable but steven knows

Hours Played:40
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John Sanderson Application of Employment
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