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 [Format]Logistics Order

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Steven Ramos

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PostSubject: [Format]Logistics Order   Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:29 am

Orders with a specified full home address and photograph of the property location have a higher chance of being processed faster. Not specifying your house number, street name and or area of property may delay your order due to location confusion.

Logistics Order - Your Name

Logistics Order Form


Delivery Address:

Photograph of Delivery Address:

Phone Number:

List of Desired Goods:

Answer below with Object Name, Object ID and Quantity

(For Example: 1 x CCTV Camera:1616)

Reason For Order:


[center][u][b]Logistics Order Form[/b][/u][/center]


[b]Delivery Address:[/b]

[b]Photograph of Delivery Address:[/b]

[b]Phone Number:[/b]

[b]List of Desired Goods:[/b]

[b]Answer below with Object Name, Object ID and Quantity[/b]

[i][size=13](For Example: 1 x CCTV Camera:1616)[/size][/i]

[b]Reason For Order:[/b]
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[Format]Logistics Order
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