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 [Format] Designs Order

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Steven Ramos

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[Format] Designs  Order Empty
PostSubject: [Format] Designs Order   [Format] Designs  Order EmptyTue Feb 09, 2016 2:43 pm

Designs Order Form

Customer Information

Full Name:


Type of Order:


Order Information

Type of Order:

[]Vehicle Wraps
[]Wall Paper
[]Custom Helmet

If checked clothing

((Skin ID: ))

If checked vehicle wraps

Vehicle Year:
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle VIN:
Vehicle Plate:

((Url for the design: ))

If checked wallpaper

Room or floor in your house or business you want it in:

((Url for wallpaper: ))

If checked custom helmet

Helmet type:

[]Full Face

((Url for helmet design: ))

Customer Signature


[center][size=18][u][b]Designs Order Form[/b][/u][/size][/center]

[u][b]Customer Information[/b][/u]

[b]Full Name:[/b]


[b]Type of Order:[/b]


[b]Order Information[/b]

[b]Type of Order:[/b]

[]Vehicle Wraps
[]Wall Paper
[]Custom Helmet

[b]If checked clothing[/b]

[b]((Skin ID:  ))[/b]

[b]If checked vehicle wraps[/b]

[b]Vehicle Year:[/b]
[b]Vehicle Make:[/b]
[b]Vehicle Model:[/b]
[b]Vehicle VIN:[/b]
[b]Vehicle Plate:[/b]

[b]((Url for the design:  ))[/b]

[b]If checked  wallpaper[/b]

[b]Room or floor in your house or business you want it in:[/b]

[b]((Url for wallpaper:  ))[/b]

[b]If checked  custom helmet[/b]

[b]Helmet type:[/b]

[]Full Face

[b]((Url for helmet design: ))[/b]

[b]Customer Signature[/b]
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[Format] Designs Order
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